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1.      The Board is the decision-making unit.


2.      A Board member will be present at auditions and at all rehearsals.


3.      All dancers must audition to receive a role. If there is an extenuating reason why a dancer cannot attend the scheduled                 audition time, he/she must notify MYB by 8pm Thursday evening BEFORE auditions, if possible. Dancers will be given a

         time slot for a makeup audition on the following Tuesday evening.

4.      Scheduled COMPANY warm ups are mandatory and will be considered for attendance. They give dancers the necessary               muscle preparation which is important for the safety of the dancers. Warm ups also provide the opportunity for

         bonding and for any extra practice that may be needed.

5.      By agreeing to perform with MYB, you are making a very big 10-week commitment. There are only 9 weeks to rehearse.                 Each week is 11% of the rehearsal time. We strongly discourage absences. Any dancer who misses 2 rehearsals will

         meet with MYB to discuss the situation.

6.      For injured dancers......Each week a dancer is not able to dance or physically participate will be counted as an absence.

         After a 2nd missed rehearsal the dancer will meet with MYB to discuss the situation.

7.      When an injured dancer is ready to return, he/she must present a note from a doctor stating that the dancer may

         dance without restrictions. “En Pointe” must be stated in the note if applicable.

8.      Dancers participating in multiple Nutcrackers has become a problem for MYB as some of the dancers' physical

         well being and mental focus are being stretched and/or compromised. Schedules will be provided before you are

         asked to commit so you can decide if you CAN commit.

9.      Cast A (Fri 10 am & 8 pm, Sun 1 pm) and Cast B (Sat 1pm & 7 pm) both have 2 public shows. Cast A has an additional

         school show on Friday morning which is closed to the public. Any dancer accepting a role MUST be available to dance

         ALL shows in his/her assigned cast/casts.

10.  The Company roles of FLOWERS and SNOW are equivalent roles and require the same level of technique. They will be

        cast as equals.

11.  Beginning in 2018, dancers may audition en pointe at ages 12 through 18 only if appropriate instruction has been 

        completed. (One year of pointe instruction – NOT including pre-pointe training.) Auditioning en pointe does NOT

        guarantee a dancer will receive a pointe role.

12.  This is a youth ballet. Drugs and alcohol will not be permitted or tolerated at any level!!

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